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The book is here. The new publisher has done a nice job. Now we’ll see how the marketing effort goes.

Once again we have a sea of boot sucking mud in the pastures by the gates. I really did almost lose a boot this morning.

Nick’s new shoes are a big success, he’s moving well and is comfortable. When things dry up, we’ll do some riding. Got to get some in as summer is almost gone.

I’ve started work on a new book. Working title is Big Fracking Mess, BFM for short.

Working with a New Publisher

Working with a new publisher has been an eye-opening experience. The editorial review of my manuscript was spot on and really improved the text. I was surprised at how I had fallen into bad habits, such as passive sentences and overused words. Then came suggestions about the title and the cover. The publisher was motivated… Continue Reading

The Bane of Summer

The story of our summer (so far): rain, mud, mosquitoes. I know you can’t stop the rain and I can wear boots for the mud, but what about those infernal mosquitoes? I have a head net and can wear long sleeves and pants, but this method is godawful HOT! Does anyone have a comfortable solution?… Continue Reading

Almost Ready!

I have been remiss about writing this blog. My excuse is that I’ve been trying to finish the next novel–Crazywoman Chance. The book is, at long last, almost done. I have to put in a few minor changes and send it off for proofreading and editing. There is a publisher in California that is interested… Continue Reading


PROLOGUE Flat and straight for forty miles, the highway cooked and shimmered under the noonday sun. The Crown Victoria blasted south down Interstate 25, the parched grass and  sagebrush a blur, Phil Broadspire shouting into his cell phone. “There’s …they’re huge. Oh God….Giant black bats chasing me…. No, I’m not yanking you. These huge black… Continue Reading

Crime Novel with Horse Chase(r)

It has been a struggle getting anyone (agents, publishers, readers) to look at my crime novels. I’ve called them “modern westerns”. Maybe no one cares about westerns any more. Henceforth my books are “crime novels with horses.” Solitude Showdown concerns murder and kidnapping. A guy and his horse are the heroes. Meteetse Massacre involves a serial killer. The… Continue Reading


Do you miss westerns? Remember all those movies, TV shows, and books? Off the top of my head I could name a half dozen TV shows, can you? When I sat down to write a novel I just couldn’t get the idea of a western out of my head. A western? I thought well ,… Continue Reading

Quarter Horses In Winter

Our quarter horses are dealing with the rapid transition to winter. They are hardy animals but the early cold snap has caught them before their coats have completely filled in. Fortunately we have plenty of hay and they have been able to find lots of grass beneath the snow. During winters past we have marveled… Continue Reading

Reining Horses In Novels

I was talking with my reining horse this morning. We were discussing what reining moves to use in the next novel, Crazywoman Chance. Nick is a highly trained, skilled, and experienced quarter horse. I used various reining moves in action scenes in my first two books. Never seen a reiner in action? Go to… Continue Reading


Horses and murder—words not commonly associated with each other unless you are Dick Francis. But here at Wendy Hill Farm, we tend to our horses and read murder mysteries and crime novels (and write them too). While the days of the Old West are long gone, horses are still significant in the lives of many… Continue Reading