Crime Novels With Horses

Monthly Archives: December 2014

Crime Novel with Horse Chase(r)

It has been a struggle getting anyone (agents, publishers, readers) to look at my crime novels. I’ve called them “modern westerns”. Maybe no one cares about westerns any more. Henceforth my books are “crime novels with horses.”

Solitude Showdown concerns murder and kidnapping. A guy and his horse are the heroes. Meteetse Massacre involves a serial killer. The guy and his horse stop her. Do you think it misleading to call these “crime novels”?

My third novel should be finished in a couple of months. Look for this new crime novel, Crazywoman Chance. Same guy and his horse, different crimes: a meth lab, a fundamentalist church tied to a neoNazi group, and missing children held by a psychopath who makes snuff films.