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Daily Archives: November 13, 2014

Reining Horses In Novels

I was talking with my reining horse this morning. We were discussing what reining moves to use in the next novel, Crazywoman Chance. Nick is a highly trained, skilled, and experienced quarter horse. I used various reining moves in action scenes in my first two books. Never seen a reiner in action? Go to our trainer’s web site

Nick came into my life about eight years ago. Before that I had owned or leased horses for many years doing dressage, trail riding, clinics, etc. All were fun but I never had confidence in my horse or myself. Then Nick came along. He knows what to do and does it well. For example, flying changes: he can do these in his sleep!

I can’t claim that all reining horses are this fantastic, but every horse trained by Kim Diercks that I’ve watched has been. So for my books I gave the main character a horse named Buck who must have been trained by Kim.