Big Fracking Mess

Contract Killers. Hitmen. And one fracking operation. All have something to hide. At all costs. Jim Taylor, Buck, and Hook have their hands full. Are they the sheriff’s death squad? Relentless contract killers hired to kill a child…hitmen sent to silence them.

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Crazy Woman

A DEA agent, who claims that he was chased by giant bats, dies in a blazing highway crash. When the sheriff brings Jim Taylor on as a detective and saddles him with a reluctant partner, they investigate the crime. As Jim, his horse, and new partner investigate, they are haunted through the wilderness by Neo-Nazi killers. A stakeout in a drug operation becomes a wild hunt that leads Jim to one surprising find.

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Solitude Showdown

Jim Taylor, a sixty-something lawyer, has abandoned his life of grinding responsibilities and disasters and come to the Wyoming wilderness seeking a peaceful, simple life. Life in the wild proves to be neither simple nor peaceful when Jim witnesses a murder and kidnapping. Alone in the mountains with his horse, Buck, as his only companion, Jim must overcome the worst that nature can throw at him while trying to thwart the kidnappers. Pushed to their limits, man and horse must repeatedly risk their lives and meet violence with violence to survive.

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meeteeese massaccre cover

Meeteetse Massacre

A serial killer lurks in the Wyoming wilderness. Campers and fishermen are murdered with an axe. Jim Taylor and his horse, Buck, become reluctant participants in the hunt for the killer. They struggle through a blizzard to rescue a wounded FBI agent. Will the killer escape the hunters to claim more lives? Man and horse must find a way to stop the slaughter.

Meeteetse Massacre is available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and BookCrafters.

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